8/52 (and a few more)

"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Elizabeth and I enjoying some alfresco cuddles. This was taken on Friday when we all headed into London for a day out. London seems to be our default location for days out at the moment. I miss it... We did a lot of walking about, a bit of shopping, a bit of coffee drinking and lunch with Auntie Katie before heading back to Waterloo and our train home. Here are some more photos:


  1. love the sweet pic of you and elizabeth as well as the one of her in her pram/stroller with her eye peeking out. adorable! The shots of London are super...it is hard when you miss a place so, but it seems like you can visit quite often which is hopefully great. have a lovely rest of your sunday. xo

  2. Love her sweet little face and your hair!

  3. your little one is so precious!!
    New follower here :)


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