liberty print nike trainers? yes please.

the internet in se london has been down for nearly 2 weeks. i've been patient but enough is enough, i'm resorting to a lunch-break-post. this cannot wait any longer. my brain is awash with floral prints and i need to release them. first up are susie bubble's beautiful photo's of the house of hackney. my favourite being the dalston rose collection. 
the faded rose-print reminds me of my grandma's house sans worn out carpet and the hum of an electric heater.
then there is us vogue's march editorial, the life rhapsodic.
finally, and more affordably, is the liberty nike collaboration. out tomorrow. oh my. 

cosmic crumpet

everyone is talking about prof. brian cox. it's understandable. he makes science cool, and, dare i say it, sexy. he chats to shaun keaveny in the morning. he plays the keyboard for d:ream. he the man. wonders of the universe is amazing and its not just coxy. the shots of stardust and galaxies send tingles down my spine, making me long for something i can't quite put my finger on. i'm not even listening to the prof. anymore, just staring at the screen in a daze.
sofia ajram's photo's have a similar affect, conjuring up a dream like state, haunting yet familiar.
and then there's the christopher kane hubble print scarf. man do i want this. maybe one day, in a galaxy far far far away...

images: the sun, ben trovato, dazed disgital, twelveofour

the drums

we stayed in and the drums came out. muchos fun courtesy of campell hunter. 

come, mr tally man, tally me banana

prada did this
i did this

adorning myself in prada's ss11 banana collection may be out the question but i have the next best thing. chocolate banana cake. smother a slice with butter for maximum pleasure. nom nom nom.

another magazine, all other pics by moi 

hi. this is my first attempt at a gentle! in this post i'm wearing my husbands snugly blue cable knit m&s jumper. yes this is a fashion blog! yes i am wearing an m&s men's jumper. let me explain. this winter i've been all over knitwear like a bad polyester rash (sorry) and have been constantly disappointed with the high street's offerings of acrylic mix, three quarter sleeve ladies jumpers. it ain't on. hence the menswear coup. i like to juxtapose the big wooliness with a floaty midi and knit tights for comfy weekday style. i'm also wearing a gold dove necklace by me! yep, I designed this. you can buy it here.
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