Made in Bristol Gift Fair

One of the best things about relocating to Bristol has been becoming part of the city's awesome creative community. So many amazing artists live here, it's unreal. Made in Bristol is one of the best organisations for showcasing all that lovely talent - they run events, exhibitions and pop-up shops across the city, with an emphasis on emerging local designers. And this year I am proud to say I will be selling my wares at their Christmas Gift Fair!  The fair is located at Colston Hall, right in the heart of the city centre, it's free and there's a BAR. Perfect. It runs Saturday 29th November & Sunday 7th December: 10am - 4pm and Saturday 13th December: 10am - 3pm (I will be there for the first 2 dates only). Hope to see you there!

3 ways to wear - the Triangle Drop Earrings

It's almost the bank holiday - hooray! We're having friends over for a barbecue...fingers crossed the weather improves. Are you doing anything exciting? Whatever your plans here's a little style inspiration featuring the ever versatile triangle drop earrings in peach.

P.S. There's 20% off everything in my etsy shop today using the code BANKHOLIDAY

Happy Friday!


way to wear - look three

Mix a smart playsuit with a printed jacket, I love this topshop bomber. Accessorize with a clutch and (hopefully) sunnies. 

City break

3 ways to wear - look two

Arty trouser + a leather jacket + directional shoes = an edgy urban look. Sunnies = wishful thinking.


Untitled #9

A shirt dress paired with converse and sunnies (again, I know) makes for a laid back preppy look.

New arrivals

New this month...lots more pretty scallops in the form of playful semi-circle drop earrings and a new spangly glittering scallop necklace. Gotta love a scallop! I also have some cute triangle drop earrings. And I've been experimenting with new colours, totally out of my 'neutral' comfort zone, but totally awesome. I'd love to know what you think? And what other colours you would like to see?

We got reviewed!

Hello! apologies for the total and utter lack of blog posts. I have been rather busy...moving into my new house! Yep, we bought a house. I've been dreaming about owning my own space for quite sometime now, it feels so good to finally be here. We moved in about a month ago. We've done a tiny bit of work (like fitting a bath for Lizzie and a walk in wardrobe for t̶h̶e̶ ̶g̶r̶o̶w̶n̶-̶u̶p̶s̶ Lizzie to play hide and seek in) but other than that it's pretty perfect. Matt has an office downstairs, Lizzie has a perfectly proportioned sunny bedroom and I have an office/studio over-looking the garden. Hooray!

In other news the Mama necklace received some really nice reviews. The first was from one of my favourite mama bloggers Fritha. I started reading her blog, Tigerlilly Quinn, when I was pregnant with Lizzie and have been a faithful follower ever since, so I was thrilled when she recommended the mama necklace as a mothers day gift. The second was from fountain of parenting knowledge My Baba. They recommended the mama necklace for eco mamas. Thanks so much!
 photo d2dc21b6-fa22-4a67-a2d1-74b3711a75e8_zps2e1194e5.png
 photo 80602605-d673-491a-8c41-1877e000908b_zps96f1256a.png

Introducing the mama necklace

Anyone who knows me, or who reads this blog, will know how much motherhood has changed my life. So I thought I'd make something that celebrated that, and here it is - the mama necklace. A delicately engraved, hand lettered, mahogany necklace. A tribute to the most important ladies out there - the mamas. Where with pride :-)

To celebrate the mama necklace and mothers day I'm offering free shipping in my etsy shop until March 31st! Use the code MAMA31 at the checkout to claim. 

 photo 3c531182-ba7d-4a4a-929c-0e0772828000_zps06cc51ef.jpg
  photo faaf3a80-5d4e-49b7-8f31-a37e86e3806c_zps5c574e03.jpg
 photo 42f364ef-acad-466d-9c29-92da1539c2f8_zps187d5b54.jpg

Inspiration wall

Today, in a retro throw back kinda mood, I decided to make a little inspiration wall in my office. It was so much fun! I loved the process of arranging all the pretty bits and memorabilia that I've been collecting, and it beat spending a couple of hours on pinterest (only just though, I do love to pin). It's a mixture of the things that inspire me right now (spring palettes, prints and pattern and a whole lot of florals) and the things I find inspirational on a more general level (family, childhood, motherhood and WOmankind). Plus a valentine from Lizzie who is quite the budding artist!

 photo f6f4274f-aa31-4458-a4c8-862c6996ed4e_zps9964d7f0.jpg
 photo 0250e4da-33b0-4541-9b4a-d4df80e87979_zps64e709dd.jpg
 photo 1f46109d-f1c1-48e9-871d-13c02d4b960f_zps717ea980.jpg
 photo 15d7f873-0bff-4918-8d4d-4919f59e6d7b_zpsae315f0c.jpg
 photo 001483ee-aa95-4d11-85d8-f02ba0ed3008_zps23759fb4.jpg
 photo 2f53b513-47da-40dd-b43b-005000d8725d_zps30cc96dc.jpg

Happy new year!

Wow, what a Christmas! Last summer I joined Notonthehighstreet (after deliberating about the hefty sign up fee for a year or so), it was hands-down the best business decision I've made so far. Things were a little slow at first but come October business started to pick up and by November I had more orders than I knew what to do with. Literally. I sold out, re-stocked, shuffled Elizabeth around, glued, sanded and filed until my fingers bled, packed orders, and cued in the post office daily for a total of 10,000 hrs (it felt like), until it was finally over. I also did 3 successful Christmas markets (and one unsuccessful one which will hence forth never be mentioned again). I was too busy (STRESSED) to take many photos but here's an IG of my stand:
 photo f4a0dcf0-0ad4-4ebb-a397-18d0c13985e9_zps619e1b6f.jpg
It was the most successful Christmas I've ever had and has given me oodles of confidence in my business, my products and myself. And the best thing? Lovely people posting lovely pics of themselves styling out their Jules and Clem. Here are two of my favourites - Jenny (@jennywdean) and Laura (@_g3)
So, it feels good to be starting 2014 in this positive place. I have lots of new ideas to work through and am excited to steer my business in a fresh direction. I haven't designed anything new since I was pregnant with Lizzie - the last year has been almost entirely dedicated to the business side of things, enjoyable in its own way, but I am so very ready to do something new. I'll share as much as possible on my blog and IG account. Stay tuned. 

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