We were robbed, an update, photos

I've been missing from my blog for a while now. This time round it's not down to laziness, exhaustion, stress or lack of creativity. A few weeks ago we came home to find our front door kicked in, our bedroom ram shacked, our laptops gone. Nothing prepares you for that. So whilst I havent had the means to blog I also didn't want to. I felt paranoid, so paranoid that when we went on holiday I didn't add locations to my instagram or facebook incase somehow the robbers would realise we were away and strike again. Dumb, I know. I'm over it now. I love having a blog and now I'm on maternity leave I think it's especially important to keep this part of my life going. So I'm back. It's not all doom and gloom. Robberies aside the last few weeks have been great - the jubilee, finishing work, more pregnancy milestones (39 weeks today!), a holiday to Edinburgh, a beautiful Mexican/Scottish wedding and visits from lots of lovely friends. Here are the months photos: 
Jubilee celebrations 
A day out with my sister 
35 weeks and my latest pregnancy craving: porridge 
A visit from Ed and a gift for the babe
Our hotel in Edinburgh and showing off my new stripy leggins
Edinburgh sights
Visiting the pandas at Edinburgh zoo and a souvenir for the baby
Us at the wedding and the view from the route master
The beautiful wedding venue and day of the dead themed cake
Peonies on my last day of work
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