Inspiration wall

Today, in a retro throw back kinda mood, I decided to make a little inspiration wall in my office. It was so much fun! I loved the process of arranging all the pretty bits and memorabilia that I've been collecting, and it beat spending a couple of hours on pinterest (only just though, I do love to pin). It's a mixture of the things that inspire me right now (spring palettes, prints and pattern and a whole lot of florals) and the things I find inspirational on a more general level (family, childhood, motherhood and WOmankind). Plus a valentine from Lizzie who is quite the budding artist!

 photo f6f4274f-aa31-4458-a4c8-862c6996ed4e_zps9964d7f0.jpg
 photo 0250e4da-33b0-4541-9b4a-d4df80e87979_zps64e709dd.jpg
 photo 1f46109d-f1c1-48e9-871d-13c02d4b960f_zps717ea980.jpg
 photo 15d7f873-0bff-4918-8d4d-4919f59e6d7b_zpsae315f0c.jpg
 photo 001483ee-aa95-4d11-85d8-f02ba0ed3008_zps23759fb4.jpg
 photo 2f53b513-47da-40dd-b43b-005000d8725d_zps30cc96dc.jpg
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