Liberty London Childrenswear

Another day, another Liberty collection to covet. This time Liberty has released a capsule collection for baby and child, featuring some of their most iconic prints. I love the pretty dresses, which remind me of the cloth kit clothes my mum used make for my sister and I when we were little'uns. But with prices starting at £60 a dress I kinda wish I had learnt to sew...
There's a miniature suitcase too
Hera Liberty Print Miniature Suitcase
But mini Barbour jackets? This could be a step too far! 
Navy Liberty Print Beadnell Jacket

All images Liberty

Drunk on milk and love

Zonked out on milk E cuddles up to a handsome stranger

Elizabeth turned a month old on Saturday. And what a month it's been. Our little baby is getting big, filling out those baby grows that were so baggy in her first days, all chubby knees and elbows, fingers clamped shut in tight little fists. She cries more now and makes strange animal noises in her sleep, which is still very broken. Some nights she'll sleep for 4 hours straight, some for just an hour at a time. There's no predicting it. Unpredictability seems to pretty much sum our little lady up. When Matt was on paternity leave we managed a few trips out, watching the last of the Olympics in the sunshine, enjoying our little family and showing her off to friends and loved ones. But now it's just the two of us. It's hard work, that's for sure. The lack of sleep and routine can get to me, but we're figuring it out. On hot days, when there's nothing to do, we don't get dressed, hanging out in our underwear like two lushes drunk on milk and love. These are my favourite times. 


Is it wrong that after my first day of solo parenting baby E all I can think about is a holiday? I blame Maison Gray for taking these amazing arial pictures of beachy beauty spots. Thanks for reminding me where I'm not Maison. Thanks a lot. 

Photos by Maison Gray

Elizabeth Erin Foster

Baby Elizabeth was born on Wednesday 25th July at 7.05am. Bang on time. Her journey into the world took a few unexpected turns - hypertension, induction, epidural, forceps - but she is perfect. I've struggled to find the time to write this as Baby E's first days have been so full. Full of well wishers and first experiences; for mummy, daddy and baby. Looking after a little one whilst recovering from birth has been tougher than I could have thought possible, but with Matt's unfaltering help we've made it through and day by day it's getting easier. Here are some snap shots from her first week...
Just born 
Flowers from work and Matt
Waking on her first morning at home and cuddles with Auntie Roz
Hanging out with Daddy 
Enjoying foods missed for 9 months 
Asleep and awake
 Hospital bands and thoughtful gifts
Our beautiful baby

All photos by Juliet and Matt Foster 
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