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avocado + egg = food heaven.
dip-dyed hair. if only.
ice cream tattoos. too cool.

happy friday!


it's friday, it's a bank holiday and it's warm out. score. i'm off to the park to drink beer and soak up the sunshine. enjoy your weekend wherever you may be!

photo - the lovely katie everson 


wow coachella looked amazing this year. how these stateside ladies manage to look so damn good at a festival is beyond me. i suppose the endless sunshine and hotel accommodation must help! literally a million miles from the muddy tents of glastonbury...

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket



seeing all these gorgeous pictures of coachella has left me craving summer more than ever! esp. glastonbury. ah glastonbury.

photos buzznet, fashion toast

ewe must be kidding!

fashion, i love you, but this is just weird.
i might be quacking up, but i actually quite like these! Sorry.  

all pictures don't panic 

happy birthday to ya!

 my husband turned an age too old to mention last friday. the big day happily coincided with the 'april heatwave' which was, frankly, amazing.
 we hauled ourselves down to the beautiful petersham nurseries for a bit of plant shopping/inspiration. and inspirational it was! we are now the proud parents of seedling lettuces, rocket, beets and  herbs!
i was able to test out my new uber big zara handbag. the result: i love it! 
no birthday would be complete without a few bubbles (preferably consumed by the river in richmond on a perfect sunny april day)! bliss.

top whistles, jeans cheap moday, sun glasses topshop, bag and shoes zara, necklace julesandclem
all photo's by me.

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