We got back from Stockholm the weekend before last but, as Lizzie doesn't have a nursery place yet and Christmas orders are revving up, I haven't had time to post about it until now. Stockholm is a thoroughly beautiful city and autumn was the perfect time to visit - not too cold and bursting with colour. Fleetwood Mac were amazing, legendary, wow. It was an emotional gig and I'm so glad I got to see them, that's one ticked off my bucket list*. The rest of the holiday was spent eating extremely rich and expensive food, cycling round parks, drinking beer and visiting the odd museum. We stayed at hotel skeppsholmen on Skeppsholmen (nicknamed the museum island as it houses the museum of modern art and the architecture museum). I could not recommend it more; the island itself is tiny and very picturesque, the hotel chic, well designed and quintessentially Swedish. Here are some photos:

 photo c18d22f9-49cb-4f23-b923-37a72518e737_zpsbb4333f3.jpg
Mid-afternoon pick me up
 photo 258df166-e6c4-449d-a36c-de68ac864b9d_zpse7acdc46.jpg
The Nordic Museum
 photo d52e4b71-5f12-4e60-a596-ba6032d10948_zpscc3a691d.jpg
An exhibition devoted to stripes
 photo 6e7b5982-4086-4e6e-85a8-dee8d6bbe878_zps2bf5221c.jpg
Our preferred mode of transport
 photo 173fd46b-d475-447c-9fd9-412f3d3c3117_zpse5129f07.jpg
 photo f08c96ea-e5cb-40ea-89e0-eae94d9312f3_zpsf059cb1c.jpg
Söder viewed from the ferry
 photo 0ad132ae-34b8-4b85-abf6-64a085366109_zps71ec0b0a.jpg
Pretty tree on Djurgården
 photo 6fb76777-c9ed-4b6c-9327-4a9b878d8e42_zpsa40bf11d.jpg
Outfit details
 photo 72ec3d41-183d-4be6-8a75-e6e7a128c54e_zpsa476568b.jpg
The fort at the end of Skeppsholmen looking particularly autumnal
 photo d1a2137e-116a-4378-9bf7-9ad211b7ab2d_zps3ce19998.jpg
Looking up on Gamla Stan 
 photo c95fc939-eca1-46af-8041-c98395ce86f8_zpsc1587f65.jpg
Museum nerd selfie
 photo 8c777bb3-db19-49bb-91d3-00aa620c2ed4_zps5f3210f7.jpg
The streets of Gamla Stan
My best Stevie shot
Lindsey Buckingham: legend.

*I don't actually have a bucket list
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