Lust list: Maternity edition

This week's beautiful weather has got me thinking about summer, and in particular, how the hell I'm going to dress the growing bump in city temperatures. So the theme of this week/month/year's lust list is maternity fashion. There's nothing particularly forward thinking or trend conscious here, just practical ideas on getting through a summer of sweaty commutes and elegant weddings. Hold onto your seats.


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My week in photos

A day in Soho
Inspiration found at The Cloth House
Catching up with Ed
The growing bump and a biscuity craving 
"Playing" the uke and new bookshelves
And food glorious food

Halfway to baby

We're over halfway there! I can't believe it. We've been trying to keep a weekly photo diary to document the growing bump. It's kinda hard though. I've found pregnancy to be a bit of a mixed bag. I oscillate between ecstatic joy and tearful exhaustion with a side order of sadness. So, as you can imagine, some weeks I just don't feel like having my photo taken. And some weeks I do. Here are those weeks - 15,16,19 and 20

Photo's taken by Matt Foster
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