Better skin: step one

I wrote in this post about how I would like better skin now I'm in my 30s. I have spots, dark circles and a dull looking complexion. I wear make up everyday. And it still looks shit. I've always been prone to breakouts but my skin got especially bad during pregnancy and hasn't improved much since giving birth. So maybe it's down to hormones, lack of sleep and worry (yep, being a mum can lead to excessive worrying. The books don't tell you that) and maybe I can't control those things. But I can control what I put onto my face and into my body. So that's what I'm doing. On the advice of this blog I'm throwing away my face wipes, my trusty time-saving face wipes, and ushering in these new kinda fancy, kinda expensive products (so kinda expensive that I had to ask for them for Christmas):


Oskia Perfect Cleanser - an emulsifying balm. You massage it on (this bit is important, here's how you do it) and wash off with a hot facecloth. It's anti-inflammatory so good for hormonal spots (hello my chin).

Clarins Lotion Tonique - this one is an old favourite but I'd let my last bottle run out a good two years ago. Balances, softens, nourishes.

Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream - soaks into my skin instantly and is packed full of good stuff: arnica, ylang ylang, peptides and peppermint which makes my face smell a little bit like tooth paste. In a nice way.

Step two: diet. Will post about this later. 


  1. I use Clarins Toner too! It's my luxury beauty product. I have the same problem and continue to get spots and breakouts at 32! I have also started using this in the mornings a month ago and it has made a big difference to my skin:

    I use Oil of Olay face cream, just the original one. My aunt is 60 and used it all her life and has amazing skin! At night I use a Neutrogena face cleanser, it's a bit strong so I will finish off bottle move and onto the Clarins cleanser. I also tone at night and I do wake up with my skin feeling nice. Good luck! It's also been my new year's resolution to improve my skincare.

  2. Rekha it was you who inspired me to buy my first bottle of Clarins toner! I always envied your glowing complexion. I used to use oil of Olay too and for a while it really worked but not anymore :( I think what we eat/drink has an effect too so I'm trying to make some changes to my diet. Will write another post on that soon. Good luck! x

  3. A bit of product placement :-)

  4. Not sure what you mean? Defo didn't get paid to mention these products (i wish!) Just really hoping they work :)


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