Better skin: step 2 (the hard part)

I've been putting off writing this post, mainly because I don't want to actually do it. But to do these fancy products justice I really need to improve my diet. My problem: Sugar. I am addicted to the stuff. From my morning coffee to the ketchup on the side of my dinner, my life is full of sugar and I bloody love it. But it causes inflammation...or something. I don't really know, but I keep reading how bad it is and as I don't smoke, rarely drink and almost never go out in the sun (I live in England for f'sake!) my sugar intake seems to be the only 'lifestyle' factor I can blame my bad skin on. Apparently it's an easy addiction to kick. We'll see. Here's my strategy:
  1. Stop adding sugar to coffee. I have (a generous) 2 teaspoons per cup. Over a day that's 4-6. I don't even taste the coffee anymore.
  2. Stop drinking squash. I drink about 2 pints of squash a day and always congratulate myself on my ample water consumption. But adding sugary cordial is cancelling out any good. Will replace with herbal tea, the nice flavours like peppermint and peach ginger snaps. 
  3. Throw away the ketchup. I'm an adult, I can do this. 
  4. Have no more than 2 pieces of fruit a day. Will make up vitamins in veggies. Easy.
  5. Say no to cake and biscuits. I got through pregnancy on cake and chocolate digestives and have grown very fond of both. This is going to be the hardest. 
So there we go. Now I've written it down I have to do it. Supposedly it won't take long for my palette to 're-set' and soon I'll be finding all sorts of formally bland tasting foods sweet. I like the sound of that. Other benefits might include shifting that last stone of baby weight. Bonus. Will check back in a month or so with results.

Do you have any tips for better skin? 


  1. Good luck! Actually you'll be surprised at how quickly your taste adjusts to the lack of sugar. I used to only be able to drink coffee that had flavoured syrups in, now I find adding sugar totally grosse!

    Ketchup is a bit harder to get over because its usually what lubes ur dinner up nicely.. maybe think about having healthy homemade sauces instead?

    Cake and biscuits.. hmm, I'm still not over that one so can't help you there ;) xxxx

  2. Haha! So encouraging to hear that you've managed to cut it down! I went for lunch today and had no ketchup with my fries (mayo's ok, right?) and no sugar in my coffee. Yay!

    Yep, cake and biscuits will be hardest. What do we get as treats these days?!


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