6 months

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Already? Really? It seems like only yesterday that we were on the labour ward clutching our little black eyed baby, exhausted and ecstatic, yet I struggle to remember a time when my life did not revolve round her. Pregnancy is a distant memory. Life before that? A different world. And here we are with a 6 month old mini person in our house. Shiiiiiit.

At 6 months she really is her own person. She's all about the good times - making new friends, achieving new stuff, persistent and good natured. Rolling is the mode of transport de jour. Check out the look of concentration on her face. I kinda thought she'd just fall into it, almost accidentally, but no, it is a carefully calculated maneuver and boy is she is pleased about it. The world is ripe for exploring (or at least her room and our bed).

measuring roughly the size of this pasty
She's started properly chatting, not actual words, but funny little nonsense sentences with proper intonations. Daa daa da daaaa da is a favourite. Matt is particularly smug about that. She is very friendly and will chat away to most people. The conversation starts out pretty civil but soon crescendos into red faced shrieking and enthusiastic bouncing (she LOVES to bounce) at which point her fellow conversationalist usually looks a bit scared and hands her back to me. Thanks!     

She's been eating solids for about a month now. I say solids, its actually mush. But very tasty mush. I often eat it too. I like this new part of parenting- watching as she timidly tries a new flavour, smushes it round in her mouth and either screws up her face in disgust (apple) or eagerly grabs the spoon hoping for more (everything else). Fun. Wiping dried parsnip from her nostrils, not so much.

Stop trying to feed me apple mum

She bloody loves her dad and is hardly able to take her eyes off him. If she hears floorboards creaking outside our room she turns to the door waiting for him to burst in. It's sweet and I am not in the least bit jealous. Honest. She is also fascinated with anything adults do and never tires of grabbing at coffee mugs, phones, glasses, books etc. I can tell she is going to grow up way too quickly.

This month you have been to a new year's eve party, been to the most southerly part of the UK, and finally (touch wood) learned how to fall asleep by yourself. Happy half birthday Elizabeth.


  1. It's lovely to read this, brings up memories from a year ago! Da da da was one of Nadia's first worlds but Andy couldn't brag about it because he insisted on being called papa - in a Russian way.

  2. I think it's the easiest sound to make - much easier than mama, although I am trying!

  3. Love this! You write everything that I think/feel with M :) And yes Da da is easier than mama :D xxx

  4. Aw, thanks lovely. Such a journey isn't it? Still can't get over how much she loves Matt. If he's in the room no one else stands a chance! xxx

  5. I just can't quite comprehend just how much they change in such a short space of time! Saw a friend who's little boy is two months and he was so newborn just placidly laying there whilst M was grabbing at everything ( including baby!)

    Lol am sure E will quickly switch her allegiance..M seems to :D I always find it a little upsetting when everyone says how much M looks like David..I so did all the work here!! E looks so like you though :) xxx

  6. I know, they change weekly. Just today I noticed how differently she plays now - it's all exploration! So happy to be past the placid stage.

    M will start to look more and more like you, it's just that weird primal thing that makes them look like their dads at first. No idea how E ended up looking like me!


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