On holiday

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Guatemala - our honeymoon and last holiday. This view is going to take some beating.

We are on holiday. Or rather we're moving house and then on holiday. The last few months have been a roller coaster; we found the house of our dreams, lost the house of our dreams and ultimately decided we needed a change. We're leaving the town we've called home for the last year for bigger (and hopefully better) things...Bristol! I am excited to be living a city again, and not just any city, the city I went to university in, the city which is still home to some of my best friends. But before that, a well over-due holiday. We're flying to Crete early next week to stay in a peaceful mountain retreat. Can. Not. Wait.

My shops will be offline from Friday 20th until Friday 4th October - today is the last day I will be taking orders. Repeat: get your orders in today or wait 2 weeks! *Shameless self promotion over*

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