We've been back in England and in our new house for about a fortnight now...high time to get back to work... yup, my etsy and folksy shops are open and I am busily preparing for Christmas (i know). But before plunging head first into the festive season, some holiday photos! Crete was just lovely. I would highly recommend it esp. for a family holiday - the Greeks LOVE babies, which sure does make things easier. If you venture off the beaten track a little the rewards are plentiful. We stayed up in the mountains on an olive grove with spectacular views. We walked in the mountains, marveled at frescos and swam in the clear blue sea. I think Elizabeth enjoyed her first holiday although she struggled with the heat and didn't know what to make of the sea. Highlights for her: the pool, playing with other children, affectionate Greeks and the many many stray cats. Highlights for me: reading Hadley Freeman's Be Awesome, eating pastry with every meal (not even joking), drinking beer at lunch-time and playing with E in the pool.

 photo d4c8eaa5-ecc1-4263-8dd1-953d08cb86fe_zpsf3493b4b.jpg
 photo 9d771938-225f-45e9-9c95-2e27151f1bba_zps1cda31f0.jpg
 photo 119704ac-01a7-41b3-9fd2-f3ab50035075_zps906aebfa.jpg
 photo 5b471e9b-260e-4821-a188-656f7b4ed424_zpsc5c37fc3.jpg
 photo 840f6679-2f25-44c3-914d-cb15d482b3a8_zps68e7a4a6.jpg
 photo 522c5fc2-45c4-493f-9fd4-88f562320a81_zpsad864a28.jpg
 photo 36c2a403-e6e6-4b91-b6d9-6000f8500250_zps2e89f8da.jpg
 photo 16f210a2-9d52-41e9-932c-78f38d1e77c1_zps12dc0fe9.jpg
See you next year!

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