"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

A close up. This is Elizabeth right now - cheeks red from teething, skin dry from winter, tongue permanently out, smiling through it all. She amazes me. 

My favourites from last week: Eve's eyes, Wilf's beautiful sleeping face, and oh Otto!


  1. So beautiful and sweet! It's amazing she still has a smile through all that her little body's going through. Hope she starts feeling better soon!

  2. great shot and thanks for the fave link :)

  3. JUST so adorable. Your photos of her are so spectacular. so so awesome. brava! xo

  4. That is just too cute, love the little tongue poking out!
    I'm so pleased you like the photo of Eve, she uses those lovely eyes to her advantage when she's in trouble.

  5. couldn't resist mentioning your sweet photo of elizabeth this week! xo


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