The BIG 30


I just turned 30. Yay! I say that without a trace of sarcasm. Not that I didn't enjoy my 20s, they were great - turbulent, eventful, fun - everything they should have been. But I'm ready for the next stage of life. My 30-somthing friends tell me this is the best decade yet. You've made your mistakes, you know yourself, you've proved yourself in one way or another. You know what you want. Here are 10 things I want from this decade.
  1. Watch Elizabeth grow up. Be there for all those firsts. It's only been 5 months and there have already been so many. I want to take her on holiday, teach her to swim, to ride a bike. Read her bedtime stories, build her a treehouse, teach her times tables. I know there will be crap bits too and I will be there for them also.
  2. Build a home. I don't mean from scratch, I'm no McCloud. I mean buy a place, do it up, build a home for my family. Enough with rented accommodation. This will be the decade of ownership.
  3. Grow my business. The basics are there but it needs a lot of work. I need to do all the boring bits. Take it seriously. Set some goals.
  4. Blog better. Blog more frequently. Learn how to use my camera. Learn how to use commas. Make this space what I want it to be. 
  5. Have another baby. I have a sister. She is awesome. Our shared experience gives us a unique bond. I want that for Elizabeth. And it doubles the chances that someone will look after me when I'm old and incontinent.
  6. Get fit. Find an activity, an outdoor pursuit maybe. I'm the least sporty person I know and I hate competition so it would need to be a solo sport. But I'd like it to be one I could enjoy with other people. Any ideas? 
  7. Spend as much time as possible with my friends and family. This one doesn't need explaining.
  8. Superficial but I'd like better skin. I have lines around my eyes and spots on my chin. I'm 30, I can accept the wrinkles but shouldn't teenage skin have ended by now? I'd like to wear less makeup. Sometimes I'd like to wear no makeup at all. 
  9. Travel. I travelled a fair bit in my 20s. I even lived abroad but there is still so much to see. New York. Scandinavia. Spain. Morocco. Japan. China. India. Not to mention all the places I'd like to revisit. 
  10. Be a better housewife. I know how that sounds but seriously, I am a terrible housewife.  I am lazy, don't know how to clean and am a slap-dash cook at best. It's not that I want to be the perfect housewife or I feel I have to be, I just don't want my daughter to live in a messy, disorganised home. Maybe we'll get a cleaner.
That's it. Check back in 10 years to see how I did. 


  1. Happy Birthday! I love your list. I may steal them all for myself if you don't mind? ha!

  2. Happy 30th! Re point 8,I'll be 32 in April and still have spots! Am hoping Matilda has David's complexion as his is flawless (typical!lol)

    Before I was pregnant,I used to do an outdoor bootcamp in one of our local parks. Hard work but really enjoyable and it's amazing how quickly your fitness levels improve :)

  3. It's annoying isn't it? I read that you need to cut out sugar/booze/dairy. Yeah right. Yes, I hope E get Matt's complexion. He's never had spots, lucky sod.
    Not sure about boot camp - the idea scares me a bit! Have you done anything since having M? I used see women exercising with prams in London but not here in the sticks.

  4. Am a sweet fiend so bugger that!heehee

    No just do walking everyday. Was going to go to a push and tone class but never made it and also didn't get a very good feedback from one of the girls in my NCT class..may try and get to it at some's at 9:30am though! :/ May start trying to run as David wants to do that..always good to have someone to exercise with..if only you lived closer :)

  5. I can't make it to anything that starts at 9.30 these days! even 10 is a push. I've thought about running but am not convinced enough to invest in running trainers yet. Shame you're not nearer - a running buddy would make all the difference :)

    I'm going to take E to swimming classes next year but i don't think we'll be doing laps anytime soon!

  6. Tell me about it! The woman who runs it does have two children but methinks they must be older and she's forgotten how hard it is to get out of the house for a specified time!

    If you do invest in some trainers,go to MandM direct. All good running shoes and all at really discounted prices. I begrudged paying loads for trainers that would get filthy at bootcamp so pick a pair there for £30 which should have been £70 :)


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