Shop update

My Folksy shop has been a bit neglected lately, which is kind of true of my creative side in general. All my energy goes into making it through the working day without falling asleep at an inappropriate moment (harder than it sounds). But I have finally found the time to restock my Folksy shop! Please stop by and check it out. I have a new collection in the making which has a 'geometry' theme, i.e looks a bit like the contents of my high school pencil case (although obviously prettier), but until then all the classic Jules and Clem staples are back in stock. All jewellery is made with care and attention by moi, comes beautifully packaged in individual gift boxes and is posted to you for a very reasonable price. I have even absorbed those pesky Royal Mail price hikes to keep delivering good value to you, dear customer :)

Photos by Thomas Sergeant and me


  1. How cute! Love the cat on the belt.

  2. Thanks Josie! Can also be worn on lapel, pocket, collar etc ;) x


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