My week in photos

When I don't blog for long periods of time it is usually for 1 of 2 reasons - 1) I am tired and stressed or 2) I am having fun. Luckily this short hiatus from blogging is due to the latter. The last few weeks have been full of fun days out in the sunshine and visits to/from lovely friends. I have also mastered the art of relaxation. My evenings consist of putting my feet up, reading, leisurely cooking dinner and hitting the hay at around 9.30. Hot, pregnant bliss. So my week in photos has gradually become more like my month in photos...
 A nice day for a white wedding
Kusama polka dots / every last drop
On the train to Cambridge / A Cow and Gate freebie for the baby
Runny yolk envy / Spritzer spritzer spritzer 
Junior / Senior
31 weeks / frozen yogurt  
Sunny Brockley / summer food
And rest


  1. I would like to state that your husband was not taught/allowed to drink from a soup bowl at home!!!!
    Tell him off!
    Lots of love

  2. Ahh glad you're having fun and managing to relax. Enjoy those early nights and sleep as much as you can now cos you're really gonna miss it once your little one is here!

  3. Wendy - he was only provided with chop sticks so I let him off!

    Josie - Yes, so glad to be finally relaxing. Will certainly make the most :)


  4. One of the first things I did post birth was eat runny eggs, medium rare meat and a big chunk of brie!

  5. Tanya, I have a very comprehensive list of things to be done post birth - brie, rare meat, smoked salmon, wine, wine, wine :)


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