Introducing the mama necklace

Anyone who knows me, or who reads this blog, will know how much motherhood has changed my life. So I thought I'd make something that celebrated that, and here it is - the mama necklace. A delicately engraved, hand lettered, mahogany necklace. A tribute to the most important ladies out there - the mamas. Where with pride :-)

To celebrate the mama necklace and mothers day I'm offering free shipping in my etsy shop until March 31st! Use the code MAMA31 at the checkout to claim. 

 photo 3c531182-ba7d-4a4a-929c-0e0772828000_zps06cc51ef.jpg
  photo faaf3a80-5d4e-49b7-8f31-a37e86e3806c_zps5c574e03.jpg
 photo 42f364ef-acad-466d-9c29-92da1539c2f8_zps187d5b54.jpg

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