4 Months

E's four month update is a bit late. This is because when I should have been writing this on Monday I was recovering from the worst night we've had so far (in a nutshell she cried all night). I didn't want that to over shadow this post as in general we are having a lovely old time. Four months is a great age. She's on the cusp of a few little baby milestones - rolling over, sitting up - and is inquisitive, playful and full of smiles.
Family portrait
Coordinating outfits
Motherhood is becoming what I hoped it would be. The initial shock of birth and responsibility has faded and the fun has begun. My days are spent making her laugh, sharing the details of our life with her, watching the wonder on her face - opening the curtains, walking through doors, going down stairs - all amazing! She is my little buddy and we're having a ball hanging out together.

After her 3 month update I received some kind advice and acting on this we now have a loose routine that involves naps and an early bedtime. We are both happier for it. We still have off days and her sleeping is up and down but it's ok. She's cutting her first teeth and I think that explains a lot. I'm having similar issues with my last wisdom tooth so can totally sympathise! This month she spent her first night away from us, went to her first ever Thanksgiving, visited the animals at the Cotswold wildlife park and made a lot of people smile (ok that happens every month). Way to go Elizabeth.

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