Black, white and gold: the story of Ophelia Sable Le Blanc

Wow, these photos are simply stunning and the concept behind them even more so. Stylist Marcus Hay and photographer Kat Teutsch have taken the lives of fictional New York eccentrics as inspiration for a series colour trend photos. It's an intriguing concept with beautiful results. The story of Ophelia Sable Le Blanc is my favourite. I love the simplicity of black and white with the shimmer of gold. This was the colour scheme for our wedding and still is the colour scheme for much of the jewellery I design. Basically this is like looking inside my head. Read the story of Ophelia Sable Le Blanc and the other New York eccentrics here.

 photo 9a60c0d2-181b-4ea5-b77d-a1c185e4de1e_zps2ee9c1cb.jpg
 photo f919e4bd-f69a-4d0c-ae59-edee7eacc0aa_zpsd71ba638.jpg
 photo cfdf33a8-a59a-4c36-a69e-aab2e65c7f6f_zpsab5acb96.jpg
 photo abfcdf99-8765-4e68-bc7e-3c702ce0e533_zps9c229998.jpg
 photo 2dd0de8e-3a27-4bf4-862b-3d568440cdde_zps2fd683cd.jpg
 photo 2a6622d4-f469-4e31-9774-b69177b0212a_zps826b485e.jpg
 photo eb0e91c9-ab46-4571-8ca6-e66849d51c37_zpscfe9cd6f.jpg

Photos from here via here

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