The whole 9 months

This weekend I put some of my maternity clothes on ebay. Only the ones in good condition and not the jeans which I am, sigh, still wearing. If you're preggers I would definitely recommend picking up some second hand maternity clothes. It's worth buying the basics (jeans and jersey) new as you'll get so much use out them (pregnant and postpartum, as I am now discovering) but other stuff just seems a waste of money. Sorting through my maternity clothes made me feel a bit wistful about my pregnancy (I know, I hated every second of it - how quickly you forget) and so I decided to do a little insta-montage of the growing bump. The last picture was taken 3 days before E's birth, it's the only one I have of the full 9 months and as its taken from the front you can't see the full extent of the bump. Trust me, it was huge.

Wowzer. Even with the evidence presented like this it is still surreal to think this adorable little being grew inside my body. 
I may have hated it but pregancy is effing amazing.


  1. Total concur with all of that post. I do still wear my maternity leggings,mostly as they're just so comfy and fully cover the mum tum :/

    Have to say,although you say you looked huge, you looked fabulous throughout your pregnancy! I was massive with water retention which made my legs,ankles,arms and face look huge! I wasn't a glam preggy lady that

    We've certainly created beautiful babbas though :) xx

  2. Thanks Amy :) Yep, maternity jeans and leggins are a lifesaver. Literally would not be able to leave the house without them. I didn't have the mysterious 'glow' either. My skin was spotty and my hair the greasiest it's ever been. I didn't swell too bad round the face but my legs, feet and hands ballooned, eps in the heat near the end. Sensibly kept those out of all photos :)

    All worth is for the beautiful babies.

  3. My skin and hair were so greasy too-horrid! But yes, worth it for beautiful babbas xxx

  4. Hi Juliet,
    I love your bump photos. I wish I'd taken more of myself but at the time just felt so huge and ugly! Your blog is fantastic.
    Thanks so much for visiting mine and leaving such a lovely comment.
    Enjoy every moment with Elizabeth - even the days when you haven't slept, you want to kill your partner and just wish you could run away. Babies just grow up too quickly! I can't believe my boys are one already. Time just flies.


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